Tips and Ways to Meditate


Abigail Jung, Contributor

May is the month of meditation because it is a brief retreat from the world that lets you enter the world with a more vivid presence. Meditation means to engage in contemplation or reflection. Many of us have been stressed every now and then about events happening in our lives. When you’re stressed you can try meditating. Meditation can reduce blood pressure, better your focus and concentration, improve self-awareness and self-esteem, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and foster kindness. It can also help you physically. For example, it can improve your tolerance for pain and help fight substance addiction. These are ways meditation can help you. 

Ways and tips to meditate 

  1. Find a place where you feel comfortable and calm. This can be outside in your backyard, in your room, closet, etc.  Y6h
  2. Set a time limit. This helps you keep track of time so you are not meditating too much 
  3. Close your eyes and take in deep and slowly breath in and out. 

You can also try to make a meditation plan just for you.

You can light an incense candle/stick and turn on relaxing music while meditating. 

Another option is you can also download meditation apps to help you meditate if you don’t know how to meditate.

Different types of meditation

There are different ways to meditate. There is mindfulness, body scan, walking, loving-kindness, and transcendental meditation. These different types of meditations focus on certain parts of your body. Mindfulness changes the brain function in areas including medial cortex, default mode network, ínsula, amygdala, lateral, frontal regions and basal ganglia. Body scan is to tune in to your body—to reconnect to your physical self—and notice any sensations you’re feeling without judgment. Walking meditation lowers stress, reduces anxiety, improves sleep, makes exercise more enjoyable, increases focus and concentration, helps you connect with nature. Loving-kindness can be used to boost well-being and reduce stress and when you practice this you are able to increase your capacity for forgiveness, connection to others, and self acceptance. Lastly, transcendentalism is a technique for avoiding distracting thoughts and promoting a state of relaxed or relaxed awareness. Meditation can release endorphins in your brain that will help you calm down. Looking at social media while you’re stressed is only going to make you feel worse. 

After your meditation, you should feel as if a weight lifted off your shoulder and more free. Your body should feel more calm and relaxed. If you still feel stressed try meditating a different way. The good thing about meditation is that it is free and you can do it anywhere.