Stop Animal Testing!


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Sign Protesting Against Animal Testing

Many companies around the world test their products on animals. This is something that should be stopped. But what does animal testing do to animals? Why should it be stopped?

Is Animal Testing Right?

Animals that are tested on aren’t seen as animals, but mere tools to be experimented on. This violates the animals’ moral rights to be treated respectfully. Philosophy professor Tom Regan stated that no matter how much us humans benefit from testing animals, it is still morally wrong and that the “animal’s basic right has been infringed.” Animals can’t just get up and volunteer to be tested on. They are unwillingly getting decisions made for them that can cost their lives.

What Happens to Tested Animals?

The pain that animals go through when being experimented on has been proved to be similar to that of a human. When tested, animals experience extreme pain and sometimes even tissue damage. There are many tests that are performed on animals. Two of the most common toxicity tests include the Draize test and the LD50 test. These tests are known to cause intense pain and suffering. 

The Draize test is placed in the eyes of the animal and the same animal is then monitored for cornea and tissue damage. This process is extremely painful and almost always leads to blindness and death. The LD50 test is when tubes pump huge amounts of the product into the stomach until they die. Unfortunately, for the tested animals, death can take days to even weeks. They can experience vomiting, diarrhea, paralysis, and internal bleeding during this time period. Even though death is the result of the test, they aren’t put out of their misery.  These tests are a complete waste of the animal’s life and are completely unnecessary.

Can it be Avoided?

Thankfully, there are several alternatives available. According to a pamphlet titled Against Animal Testing, products that are made from natural ingredients and are safe for human skin are recommended instead of testing on animals. There has also been artificial skin made that can be used for product testing instead of on animals. There is also something similar called Eyetex. This turns opaque when a product can be dangerous or harmful, hence resembling the way a real eye would react. With all these alternatives, it’s another good reason why animal testing should be stopped.

Humans can’t say that torturing these poor, defenseless animals benefit us. Although there are no accurate statistics, thousands of animals are killed every year because of these harmful tests, and an estimated 100 million are tested on. Only about 3% of tested animals survive. However, there are some companies who don’t test on animals. This includes popular brands like Bath & Body Works, Lush, and even Trader Joe’s. Unfortunately, there are still many brands that test on animals and are used daily, like Crest, Lysol, and even Pampers. 

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How Can We Avoid It?

So how can we stop animal testing? The most basic step is to buy cruelty-free products, like the ones previously listed. This alone can be a big step. You can also educate others and let them know about the dangers of animal testing. There are also companies that people can donate to that are able to stop animal testing. Some companies or organizations participating are the White Coat Waste Project, Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, and many more.

Thankfully, as of now, it looks like animal testing is coming close to an end, and is already banned in countries like Guatemala, South Korea, Argentina, and Australia.