Open House


Julia Estrella , Contributor

Open House was on Tuesday April 5th. Students toured the school with their parents. Students enjoyed the music and dance by the cheerleaders and choir by Buena Park high school, and food to raise funds for 8th grade promotion events.

Buena Park High School performed here at Beatty Middle School where students like 8th graders could be influenced to join these electives and clubs when they become a freshman. BP students, a part of cheerleading, performed around four dances. Students also listened to the live music provided by BP orchestra and choir. 

Snacks at Open House included cookies and water for 1 dollar each, to help fund 8th grade promotion dance, and party. An 8th grade student said “the pizza was good, I didn’t try the ice cream because of the long line.” The food also included pizza at a reasonable price. Also, an ice cream truck where fruit and ice cream was sold normally priced.

Our school reading for this year was A Long Walk to Water.  Where a young boy named Salva went through many difficulties throughout his life in South Sudan, and later tried to help others by bringing water to other villages in Sudan. In the auditorium, students had their artwork and projects to show their understanding of A Long Walk to Water. For example, student drawing of what comes to mind when thinking of  the book, and black out poems done by Mrs. Terhune’s class to show their understanding for the story. An 8th grade student who attended open house said “ I enjoyed the open house, and seeing my work from classes being displayed for the open house.”