Ways To Spend Your Summer!


Siwon Woo, Contributor

Buena Park It is almost the end of school. Summer break is coming soon. Even though we think we are going to really use summer break wisely to help ourselves, we tend to waste the whole summer break. So the best way to spend a good summer break is to set goals and agenda for yourself. And here are some things that you can do over the summer.

Summer in California is very hot. So one way to keep yourself cool is swimming! Either with families and friends it is going to be fun. It will give you a nice memory of summer that you can look back at. Jumping in cold water on a sunny day there won’t be anything better than this. If you don’t have anywhere to go you can go to Soak City! It is a fun place to be with your family. The other way is to make ice cream. It’s not that hard to make ice cream either! This is another way to keep yourself cool during the summer. Also a way to make an interesting memory. Going out with homemade ice cream to swim in hot weather sounds really nice! 

You can also study for next year too. Studying during the summer will make it easier for you to get back on your feet. It will be easier to get used to school. Going ahead of classes will give you time to relax during that school year. You can also look back and study things that you didn’t understand before. Let’s have some goals. Decide which part you want to do during the summer. However, give yourself some time to relax. Don’t push yourself too hard! Then there is no point of summer break! 

These are the ways to use your summer wisely! Why don’t you try it out yourself? This will make the summer of 2022 very interesting and memorable.