Are Beatty Students Abusing Their Rights?


Olivia Woo, Contributor

“Remember, you may choose your sin, but you cannot choose the consequences.” (Jenny Sanford). 

Students of Beatty Middle School face many consequences for their actions.   

While rewards and privileges are easy to find in Beatty, many people’s actions result in punishment rather than praise.

These repercussions can be justified, because students have violated many rules and did not take proper care of Beatty. But many also see them as unfair, because there are many innocent students who are also getting punished for the actions of others. 

So are Broncos being unfairly punished? Or are they abusing their rights? 

One of the main reasons for punishment is bathroom misusage. During the beginning of the year, there was a viral TikTok trend called Devious Licks, where students post a video of themselves stealing, vandalizing, or showing off one or more items they stole in their school, typically from a bathroom. 

This led to much damage being done to the school’s bathrooms, including broken soap dispensers and stolen items. The boys bathrooms have been extremely misused as well, a recent instance being exploding pipes (due to food being stuffed down the toilets). 

The aftereffects of these events include monitored bathrooms and NO SOAP in the boys bathrooms. Students are allowed less freedom when they go to the bathroom, and many authority figures have lost their trust in boys and girls alike. This may be justified, due to the fact that students violated many rules and did not take proper care of the bathrooms. 

But these consequences can be unfair to some. Both boys and girls have complained that they are allowed no privacy in the bathrooms, as “there is always someone out there, trying to see if [we’re] doing something bad.” The lack of soap in the boys bathrooms has also been seen as unhygienic. A group of boys recently protested these consequences, insisting that they did not deserve to be punished.

These consequences can be seen as both justified and unfair. What do you think?

Another violation was the lack of care for the school’s campus. Trash has been left everywhere, tarnishing Beatty and ruining many different experiences for people in the school. 

Students have been leaving their trash all over the campus. This includes food wrappers, paper trays, straws, napkins, plastic utensils, and even pieces of uneaten food. The garbage can be found everywhere—including basketball courts, planters, outside buildings, the field, and water fountains. To put it simply, the school is practically drowning in the litter that some people are too lazy to pick up. 

The effects of littering have been making the field off-limits, picking up trash as punishment, and many, many speeches from teachers about the importance of cleaning up. Beatty’s staff cannot pick up all of this trash by themselves, because each time they have cleaned, the garbage appears once again.

Some do have complaints, though, no matter how justified the punishments seem. The main problem is that there are many students who did not do anything wrong. These students claim that they are categorized as “bad” because their peers litter, so teachers punish groups rather than individuals. They’re being punished when they did not do anything, just because other students did.

These consequences, overall, seem to be fair to most. But of course, other students may have complaints. What is your opinion on this matter?

Students of Beatty often do not pick up their trash, resulting in an unsanitary campus.

The last, but definitely not least violation is the lack of respect from students. 

Students are often punished for talking in class or in the auditorium, crude language, and general disrespect. As a result, their peers are distracted from learning and focusing in class. These disruptive people serve as roadblocks, which disrespects not only other students, but teachers, as well.

Those who are disruptive are punished by teachers. Consequences include being sent to the office, being harangued, or losing certain rights.

The main problem with these punishments is that, again, they seem too generalizing. People are chastised in groups more often than not, so innocent students are roped into what should be their peers’ problems. Broncos, what do you think is right?

Actions have consequences. But sometimes the consequences can be too harsh or generalizing. But whether punishment is justified or not, students must keep this in mind:

Broncos, remember your privileges. It is students’ responsibility to care for the school and respect not only the campus, but those who occupy it. So remember, students, pick up your trash, take care of the environment you are in, and treat Beatty with the respect it deserves.