Benefits of Bodybuilding


Nathan Basilio, Contributor

Weightlifting is a very good way to get healthy. It strengthens your muscles and even brings you into a new, possibly a better mindset than you are currently. If you want to get strong and so much more here are benefits to weightlifting and its common misconceptions.

One reason why you should start weightlifting is that it keeps your bones healthy. By weightlifting helps you keep healthy bones throughout your lifetime, after age 30 you start to lose bone density at a small percentage each year. Overall increasing your lifespan.

Another reason you should start weightlifting is it starves off diseases. “Global news ca” states that “the research community is recognizing that cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and “all the classic chronic diseases” including cancer aren’t as likely with any form of activity, from strength training to cardio”.

Now that I have gone over the benefits here are myths that you might have heard to debunk.

One misconception that some people have is weightlifting decreases flexibility. If done correctly, weightlifting can actually have the opposite effect. A study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that resistance training improves flexibility as well as static stretching. The key is to work through a full range of motion while lifting, Cosgrove says. For example, lifting dumbbells all the way up and all the way back down during a chest press will allow you to utilize the full potential of your chest and shoulders.

Another misconception is that weightlifting can inflict harmful load on the joints. the Journal of Rheumatology found when people suffering from knee joint pain performed weight bearing exercises, they experienced a 43 percent reduction in pain after four months. They were also better at performing daily tasks and reported a higher quality of life than those who didn’t strength train.

People have different views on why they should start weightlifting. One of our local students Ethan and 8th grader states “I workout to get a better body and a better mind in order to improve myself” another person who gave out their views on wieghtlifting is another beatty broncho is Amir “I weightlift in order to get s better body, and to look good for highschool… realistically I want a six pack but unrealistically I want a eight pack”