High School Incoming! Tips for all 8th Graders


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Amir Ragnath, Contributor

For all 8th graders, this year was a long and rough one. Transitioning into highschool is going to be a big step for many. There is a big difference from middle school to high school, and students should be prepared for it. In this article, I will provide all 8th graders who are promoted to high school with tips, how to prepare for high school, and the benefits of them. 


To start, here are some tips on how to prepare during the summer. First, you should take a tour of the school you’re going to. Transitioning to a different school will put you on a new campus, so it’s a good start to know things around your new high school you’re attending. Being familiar with your school will help you in areas when it’s time to actually attend the school. 

Next, going into the next year you should have a balanced schedule. People usually stress in high school and say it’s a big jump from middle school, but from what I’ve heard from people who are juniors and freshman it isn’t that stressful. If you balance your schedule from the start of the summer, it can relieve stress and any overwhelming feelings you may have. Also, having a balanced schedule will help you have time to do other activities around your high school.

A fun tip you should take into consideration is to add fun elective classes into your schedule for high school. Having fun electives will make you more engaged and entertained. This will make you able to make new friends and new connections in that class. Fun electives can vary based on what you’re interested in in high school. Some suggestions include different clubs or even a band. You could even get involved in a sport. Sports can bring new friendships and can teach you lifelong skills that will help you through high school like responsibility and teamwork.

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With the three tips given above, there are also benefits. To begin, a balanced schedule will lower stress and lead to better mental health, especially since most freshmen will find high school stressful at first. Taking the tour during the summer will help you identify a school’s strengths and challenges and get experience with being at a high school during the summer. Fun electives can help you get a break from all the work you have to do with your main classes, and help you explore new subjects and friendships with new people around you. 

To sum it all up, these few tips listed should hopefully help all 8th graders getting ready for high school. High School is not a very scary or intimidating place, but it will take some time to adjust to the new style of school, especially for 8th graders.