Are the Promotion Activities Actually Worth it?`


Photo by Pixabay

Genesis Quiette, Contributor

The end of the year is very close. With 8th graders going to high school in the fall Beatty has some special activities for these 8th graders. 8th graders have promotion activities they can attend with a promotion dance at Hanger 21, the actual ceremony, and a promotion party. 

To some people’s surprise a good amount of 8th graders are not going to the Promotion Dance. The promotion dance and party together is 40 dollars. Most say it’s too much money or they just don’t want to go to the dance, but would go to the party because it is already at school. Some don’t have a ride to the Promotion dance location.

Some are saying for the promotion party that we already go to school on June 2 (the day after 8th grade students are promoted) and why do they have to pay that much money. Many students will not attend the Promotion Dance but will attend the Promotion Party. When money is the issue for most 8th graders, there is an option to talk to Mrs.Rubio about your situation if you can’t pay the 40 dollars for those two events.

The dance is not mandatory to attend if 8th graders want to promote. “I will not attend the dance because my friends do not want to pay, so I know I won’t have fun without them,” Said Amir Ragnath. At the promotion dance students are saying they are serving sandwiches. The dance is at a nice place but many students are having negative comments about the day it’s on

Most 8th graders would rather just promote and leave this school. Also having the promotion ceremony on a Wednesday and having to come back that Thursday and Friday some people say that’s ridiculous. Why promote officially but then have to come back to school?

The Promotion party is on a Thursday at school. Many students are not convinced of the idea of the Promotion party and dance because of past school dances in the past. Many students didn’t really enjoy the past dances, the only thing that made them fun was being around friends, not the actual event. The days the promotion events are on are weird and kind of uncommon but that may be because of availability. 

Most students wish that they sent out a google doc on what the 8th graders prefer to do. Most students wanted to have something fun to do to finish off the year. The ideal schedule for 8th graders would be having the Promotion dance on a Saturday, or not having it at all. Or having the dance on school campus not outside of campus. Then having the Promotion party on Thursday, then having the Promotion ceremony on Friday. Which would make it so that after we are promoted we don’t have to come back to school. Many say there is no reason to go to school after we are promoted, like what’s the point. 

This is just the opinion from 8th graders on the end of the year activities. What do you think about the 8th grade Promotion activities?