Education vs. Break: Should Students Study During Summer?


Allison Kim, Contributor

Everyone must have a moment when they do not feel prepared to be at school after summer break or they forgot what they have learned last year. This loss of knowledge of students during summer break is called “summer slide” and what teachers, parents, and experts want to avoid. They believe that students should study during summer to exercise kids’ brains and keep students on track. However, many students believe that it is important to rest and refresh themselves rather than studying and exhausting themselves by studying over break. 

“Summer Slide”

According to the research of over 18 million primary school students, 52% of the kids lose their 5 years’ worth of learning in English Language Arts over summer break. This means that 9.3 million kids are forgetting the information they learned from 5 years of going to school. The research also proved that an average student loses 17% to 34% of the last year’s learning during the break.

However, the more serious part of the problem is that knowledge loss can cause an achievement gap between the students. James S. Kim, a professor of education at Harvard University, states in his study that half of the gap in 9th-grade reading scores between low-income and middle-income students is caused by the differences in learning during their 1st to 5th grades’ summer break. This means that summer learning loss can hugely impact children’s future academic performance and success of students. Due to this reason, many parents and educators want to engage kids in educational activities during the summer.

Importance of Break

On the other hand, many students are emphasizing the importance of a break and they need to rest enough to save energy for the next school year. Students stated that they are already getting enough pressure from the school year and the true meaning of break can be disrupted.

Olivia Woo, a 7th grader in Beatty Middle School, showed her disagreement with studying during the summer break. “I really don’t think so. I think that students are already facing increased pressure from how much they have to study a lot of the day and they are in school five days a week. So if they are required to study in the summer, I feel like it is just increasing the work they have to do and taking away from what summer is there for.”

In addition, many students expressed their anger, exhaustion, and annoyance against studying over the break. They pointed out that summer break is meant to give students time to rest, not stress them out. 

What Should Students Do?

Even though there are many opinions on the topic, experts suggest that students need to at least do activities related to education. For example, they encourage reading, playing educational games, visiting places for inspiration, and developing their inspiration.

Also, even students agreed that there is a necessity to train your brain. Even though they do not want to study on an academic schedule like during the school year, they suggest reading or studying a few times a week. Supporting this statement, a survey from 24 randomly selected students in Beatty Middle School showed that 15 kids from them voted for studying sometimes during summer. Additionally, 8 kids disagreed with studying over the summer break.

There are many controversies on the issue of. So, what’s your opinion on this issue? Should students study or not study during the summer break?

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Should Students Study Over Summer Break?


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