Preparing For the Next Grade

Preparing For the Next Grade

Julia Estrella, Contributor

The end of the year is coming up, and summer is coming around the corner. But what about moving up to the next grade level in August and the benefits of moving on to the next grade level? Here’s what teachers you might have for the next grade level and a little bit on becoming a freshman at high school. 

7th Grade

Current 6th graders going into 7th grade will most likely have Mrs. Harris or Mrs. Bright for English; for math you will most likely have Mr. Lutfi, Mr. Casper, or Mrs. Sarcar. For science Mr. K or Ms. Buchanan; for history  Mr. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Bright, or Mrs. Sedia could be your teachers. If we continue our block schedule as well as three electives, sixth graders will be allowed to have more electives and different teachers. 

8th grade 

As seventh graders transition into an eighth grader here are what teachers students will most likely have. If you plan on taking all honor classes, you will have Mrs.Terhune for English, Mr. Fitzgerald for history, Ms. Bruhns or Mrs. Buchanan for science, and Mr Lutfi for honors algebra or geometry. If you don’t plan on taking honors, you will most likely have Mrs. Young for English or Mrs. Terhune, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Sedia, or Mrs. Bright for History. Ms. Bruhns, and Mrs. Buchanan are the 8th grade science teachers, and Mr. Lutfi or Mr. Casper for math. Students promoted to 8th grade next year will be allowed to go on the American Heritage Trip, where students go to multiple historical places on the east coast. 8th graders also have a promotion dance and a promotion ceremony at the end of the year, and have to take a panoramic picture with all 8th graders.

Electives and Clubs

Electives are classes that are fun and things that peak your interest, however make sure to maintain a good grade for your core classes like English or math or you might have to have a support class that is your elective. Electives may include art, digital art, video production, debate, leadership, coding, and robotics. Some other electives are medical science, yearbook, and journalism. While clubs will most likely change next year it is assumed that we will have a chess club, and some type of sport club.


8th graders next year will become freshmen in highschool here is a link on what to expect.