Recap of this unique school year!


Kaelyn Miyoshi, Contributor

Hey Beatty Broncos! Here, you will go through the school year like a time capsule. Everything in a small little space to remember the year, because this year was an interesting one. We will go over things like the Fall Festival, the school dances, Covid-19, and much more, so come along and finish off the year with a heartfelt emotion. 


Even though this school year has been quite difficult, we have all got together as a community and grown. We have all changed and adjusted to the new “normals” and trends. Many things throughout the school year affected us in various ways. Another thing throughout the school year that we all have opinions on is like the school bathrooms, the time schedule, especially at the times of state testing, other school party events, and carnivals. 


In the fall, we had activities like the Fall Festival, and a movie night at Beatty. Both of which were over a huge success as this is the first year of real in person learning after our troubles. At the events there were games, food, fun music, and much more entertainment. We had many great reviews from students. 

Another recent event we went through was state testing. The whole school had to go through testing. But luckily for the 6th graders, they only did one week of testing, the seventh and eighth graders had to go through two weeks of testing. Overall, testing was a long and hard process for students, and we are all proud of you for getting through testing! As a celebration, the Beatty Bronco staff threw a school wide BBQ!

As we went through interviews, we noticed that the state testing schedule wasn’t as good as you think. People said things like “I think that it should really be split up a little bit shorter throughout the day instead of doing testing in a longer period in the morning and can barely sit in seats correctly,” – Anonymous. Others said “I wish it had been shorter” or, “I didn’t really like the overall new schedule and the later lunch time.” And, “1:28 is a very late time for lunch if you ask me, and may not be very healthy for some.” Both Siwon and I, Kaelyn can agree that the state testing schedule was a different feel, it’s not like it was an hour difference, but it did affect our school days and often led us to be tired for the remaining school day. 

From many others’ feedback, we can pretty obviously see that the testing schedule did not have a very popular liking to the students. How can we improve that? We think that this could be improved by maybe splitting up the testing time, or even doing this testing at a later time in the day. What’s your thoughts? 


This school year was not easy. We were in the middle of a pandemic. We have been out of school for more than a year, and because of it, there have been many events along the way of our 2021-2022 school year. This was the first in person school year after the pandemic. It was different from school before. Many different things have happened this year, let’s go over them.

How things started

First, we had to wear masks to school. It was also the first year that we started in person school, after a year of being adjusted to masks, it was already something we were used to. As we all went deeper into the school year, the mask requirements were slowly lifted. Some students still kept their masks on, some didn’t. Adjusting to this new no mask mandate was tough, but it might just be the new normal again. 

Abigail Jung said, “In the beginning of the school year, I really didn’t like masks because it was very uncomfortable. However, I don’t think much of it now.”

We can also agree with this because it’s something that just seems to be a part of what we need to wear. It almost feels like a part of our outfits. Many other people wear matching mask colors with their outfits, and different designs. 

Jewon Woo stated “Getting used to school is very hard in the beginning of the school year. Meeting teachers and classmates felt quite weird too,” We feel we can also agree with this because it’s a whole different situation when you meet someone in person. That’s why something’s take time to adjust and change. 

So many things happened this year! Remember this year well because this year was the first in person school year after COVID-19! Beatty Broncos, families, and many others, we hope you have a great summer and that you had a great year of 2021-2022! Thank you!