International Picnic Day – June 18th

Siha Park, Contributor

A picnic is defined as an outing where a party brings food and shares a meal outdoors. It can be a simple picnic with one or two people, or an outing with a bigger party. It is typically held on a sunny day at a park or beach. June 18th is International picnic day, so going on a picnic is encouraged. 

Picnic origins

The word picnic was a 17th century French word called picque-nique. It meant a social gathering in which participants bring a share of food. Victorians ate traditional picnic food, like meat and fish. Some outings were hunting conventions. 


Although the picnic experience could be enjoyable, the preparations might not give the same enjoyment. Other than bringing food, being prepared could help your satisfaction from the outing. If you aren’t using a table, bringing a blanket and possibly folding chairs are suggested. Having an extra plate has its many uses, especially when you are outdoors. You could also benefit off of having extra utensils and cups. Bug spray, sunscreen, wipes, and bandages could also come in handy!

Here are some food ideas you could check out! Packing spreads or sauces in mason jars is recommended, and if possible, trying to bring mess-free dishes. If you are going with someone, ask them to also bring something, like picnic gear, or some food. 

One variable that could ruin your picnic would be the weather. Check the weather forecast before and on the day of the picnic. Finding a spot with enough shade would be good on a hot day.  Beware of the wind; it could blow away paper napkins and anything light enough. If you are at a table, tablecloth clips would be helpful. 

Choosing a spot

Mabel Amber on Pixabay

Choosing a suitable area to dine could be tricky. A facility you should keep in mind is the restrooms. You could also try to keep in mind any form of entertainment around the spot, for the younger crowd. Try to avoid dangerous and unauthorized areas. A beautiful view could be pleasing. 

Here are some recommended parks:

(All information comes from online)

Smith Murphy Park! The park is right next to Beatty Middle School, with a playground. It has concrete sidewalks for biking, a handball court, and bathrooms. There is an area with tables, and could be used if not already occupied by another group. 

Windermere Park: The kid-friendly park has beach volleyball, handball, basketball courts, playgrounds, BBQ areas, and running areas. 

Ralph B. Clark Regional Park: $3 parking and $5 on weekends, this park has trails, a paleontology museum, a lake, and playgrounds. Activities you can enjoy are golf, baseball, volleyball, and tennis. There are big trees that give shade, along with picnic tables and grills. 

Rick Gomez Park! It has two fitness zones, picnic tables, BBQ’s, and drinking fountains. The park is dedicated to Rick Gomez, who was a volunteer as a Park & Recreation Commissioner. He also coached baseball, which is probably why the park has a baseball theme. 

Leaving a picnic

If you are packing picnic gear, try not to overpack. It would take time to set up and clean up. When leaving a picnic, picking

up trash is something you could do. Just as you wouldn’t want a littered house, you wouldn’t want a trashed park.