Chess Team and Their Accomplishments


Abigail Jung , Contributor

Our Beatty chess team went to nationals on April 28 to Texas and came back on may 2nd. They brought back medals and there were a total of 918 players from 37 different states. Beatty placed 9th place team score out of 27 teams. Jacob Jung came in 13th place individual score out of 214 players and Esteven Castillo came in 7th place individual score out of 100 players. 

So how did the chess team start? They started because people in the office wanted a chess team and they asked Mrs. Harris if she wanted to lead the chess team. She started opening up her Wednesday tutorial for chess for people to just come into her room and play chess. They started with 62 students coming out to the tutorial to just play chess. Right now they currently have 48 students still coming out to the tutorial to play chess.

Mrs. Harris was very proud of the chess team placing 9th place and she was proud how the efforts the students put in really paid off. The chess team students also have personal goals like doing better next year. They are very excited going back next year and doing better than 9th place. The players are really excited for new people on campus to join the chess team. 

The chess team had a special guest that came out every week to teach the students new skills and techniques. How did they get this chess master to teach them? Well long story short, an old teacher at the BPJH had a student and that student was him. He joined the chess club there and soon became a chess champion. Mrs. Harris later reached out to the teacher and the chess champion and they now come to Beatty every two weeks. He also holds chess competitions every Saturday at Beatty.

People can expect to just come into the room and just sit down and play chess. Also everyone is welcome to join chess even if you do not know anything about chess. Also you can come when you want to there is no pressure to join chess. (From left to right) Conner Panichkul, Jacob Jung, Aarav Arora, Ethan Ramirez, and Esteven Castillo