Fun Summer Arts & Crafts


Aurora Delgado, Contributer


Looking for fun things to do for summer. Well here are some of the best summer arts & crafts from different creators. I’m going to be trying two of these summer arts & crafts and then reviewing them after.

I found the link to mermaid bath bombs, tropical tote bags, personalized tie dye beach towel, wish bracelets, and diy cotton candy sugar lip scrub from


Tie Dye shirts by Katie from  


Mermaid Bath Bombs from Sweet Red Poppy 


Tropical Tote Bags for Summer from Doodle Craft


Personalized Tie Dye Beach towel from Kids by Arena  


Summer Pencil Holder from Red Ted Art


DIY Tie Dye Headband from DIY Candy


Wish Bracelets from happy hour projects by Adrianne Syrian 


DIY Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub from scattered          thoughts of a crafty mom 


DIY projects for


The two arts & crafts I’m reviewing are tie dye shirts by Katie from and wish bracelets from happy hour projects by Adrianne Syrian.

Tie Dye shirt- Swirl pattern 

For the tie dye shirts I decided to do the Swirl tie dye pattern and used the colors purple, pink, and aqua. This was a fun project that I did with my sister. Some things that I recommend is to wear gloves as it is a little messy. Also do it outside so you don’t stain anything inside your house. One other thing is that after you tie dye it you have to leave it outside 9- 24 hours the longer you leave it outside the more time the shirt has to observe the color. I recommend leaving it outside as long as you can because when I did it, I didn’t leave outside, as long as I should have and the shirt turned out to have some splotches on it. Also, when washing the shirts add a little soap, cold water and don’t mix it with other clothes. When done hang it outside to dry. Other than that this was a really fun project and I enjoyed doing it. 


Wish bracelets

For the wish bracelets I used the wrong cord. I accidentally used hemp instead of hemp twine but it still turned out good. One thing I recommend while doing this project is to use a clipboard so it can hold the twine while your braiding. Also, this project was a little bit difficult and it took me a couple of tries to get it right. This is a fun project that you can do with your family and friends. I really enjoyed it and had fun doing it.