Looking Back At Beatty

Leah Forman, Contributor

We have all come a long way throughout this year. This year has been very different from the last. Many changes have been made, such as the mask mandate being removed, no glass dividers or wiping our desks with wipes, as well as no having social distancing and online classes. Which is the biggest change that has been made. We have all had a wonderful year here at Beatty. There have been many fun activities and events. I am going to do a recap of the big events here that we had this whole year!

Glow In The Dark Dance

The first big event that happened this year was the Glow In The Dark Dance. The Glow In The Dark Dance was in September. The Glow In The Dark Dance was held in the auditorium of our school. There were glow sticks for everyone, music, food, and automatic fun. The ticket into this dance was to have 50 or more hero points. This was during lunch on a school day. 

Fall Festival

Another big occasion that occurred here at Beatty was the Fall Festival. The Fall Festival was in November. The Fall Festival had animals, food, farm decorations such as hay, pumpkins, and other hats to take pictures with your friends. This was held after school. It was also held on campus. I did not attend this occasion, but I know that many students who attended had fun hanging out with their friends. Many students took pictures with the prop hats they had laid out by the hay barrels. 

6th and 7th Grade Science Camp

Science Camp was somewhere around February, both grades attended Pali Institute, which is an outdoor education center, for a 3-4 day trip. The 6th graders visited through January 18-21, while the 7th grade students visited through February 15-18. A meeting months before the students went to camp also took place in the auditorium to discuss sign ups. There were about 10 kids for each cabin, not including the instructor. Bedtime was at 9pm, students would head to their cabin around or after 8. Everyone would wake up at 7am or earlier. There were many outdoor activities such as climbing up hills, archery, astronomy, rope courses, leap of faith, wobbly bridge, vertical playpen, 3 hour hikes, and forest ecology. Overall, students enjoyed this event. 


The BPHS was also a fun trip to remember, only 8th graders went to this event. The BP trip was a walkthrough of the highschool that was in the BP school district. I myself had gone to this event and it was very informational, and interesting in my opinion. I saw their campus, staff, students, classes, electives, teams, sports, and more. I saw opening opportunities for students to join clubs and sports. Not only were they showing us their campus, they allowed us to do fun activities separated into groups. Some activities they had were tug-o-war with some of the highschool students, practicing walking all together on the same piece of wood with 4 people, holding prop guns, ( not loaded ), and maybe more. This event started in the morning of the start of 1st period and lasted until the middle of 3rd period. I really enjoyed this event. 

American Heritage Trip

The American Heritage Trip was a trip for 8th graders only. These students went on the trip in March. They stayed in hotels each night sharing a room with 2 or 3 other friends. Those students traveled all the way to Boston and Virginia. The trip lasted 9 days, and everyone learned about historical events in different states. The students also visited Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts. It has been shared that many students enjoyed New York City the most of all places. They saw all the interesting places in Times Square. They saw the Statue of Liberty and a Driving Tour of NYC. Most students at the end of the trip felt inspired from all of the things they have seen. 

Under The Sea Dance

The Under The Sea Dance took place at school inside the auditorium. The dance was almost as similar as the Glow In The Dark Dance. There were lights, decorations such as fake water made out of paper, fishes, and sea life. There was also music, people dancing, as well as groups of friends making dancing lines. I can see from the things people have said about this event that it was really fun and enjoyable. This was also held after school. 

Open House

A mini occasion that took place at school was Open House. Open House was on a Tuesday or Wednesday of March. Open House had a lot of people attending, there were even students and staff from Buena Park High School that came over to Beatty. There were dancers, musicians, and advisors. I went to this event and saw many of my peers. There were trucks filled with icees, fruit, and food. The auditorium was amazing, everyone’s work/artwork was hung up all on the walls. It was very enjoyable in my opinion to see everyone’s hard work. Open House is always a memorable time of the school year. 

Color Run

Looking back at the Color Run has to be one of my favorite things that has taken place this school year in my opinion. The color run was very energetic and an outdoor occasion. Students were separated by their grade and went outside to enjoy the event. Students were supposed to run for about 10-15 minutes, while they did that staff and teachers would throw colored powder while they ran/walked. Don’t worry however, the powder was not dangerous for the students, it was easily washable. It was just like powdered chalk. For the students who donated money for this event they would be rewarded with their own bag of colored chalk to throw as they ran. Along with a bag, glasses, and headband. In the end, many of the students participated and enjoyed this occasion.

In conclusion, this year was a great success. It was different from the last, but in a positive way. Students got the experience of being at school again in person and socializing with friends. Many more successful years here at Beatty are yet to come. Your future is what you make it Broncos!