You’re Invited To Beatty’s Glow In The Dark Dance!

Leah Forman, Contributor

On October 1st Beatty Middle School will be having a back to school dance in the dark with glow sticks. It will be a 80’s theme along with 80’s music. Pizza will also be served to students. It will be held inside the auditorium. Access will only be granted with hero points. This is all thanks to teachers/staff  hosting and setting up the dance! Students will have a fun opportunity to socialize and take a look back into what the 80’s was like. Along with having exciting fun. The dance will be held in the school auditorium. It will take place during your lunch time at 1:12 til 1:42. Students will get a change to hang out with their friends/teachers and do something else rather than walking around at lunch all the time. Come join us October 1st to get your groove on!