Dress Code

Kaelyn Miyoshi, Contributor

Genesis Quiette is shown in dress code.

Dress code is something that needs to be taken into consideration for all students and staff. Dress code is for everyone. Dress code is followed on school property and during all school days. All students and staff must all follow this dress code all school year. People have been dress coded during this first month of school and its not very acceptable. People have not been following this code we have at Beatty middle school. School is getting more strict with its dress code so we can try to prevent this. Please look through your Beatty agendas and look at the dress code page (pg, 7). Thank you for taking this into mind Beatty middle school!



Hats with full brims may be worn outdoors only
Hats must be plain, no logos permitted
May not be worn indoors
Hoods/beanies are permitted outside only during inclement weather


Must have sleeves; bare shoulders are not permitted and no sheer tops (even with covering are not permissible)
May not be longer than your thumb when arms are at your sides
No low-cut tops that expose cleavage, back or midriff (even with covering are not permissible)
No oversized solid color shirts


Must be proper size, fit securely, and fit at waist without belt
Underwear must not show and no “sagging” pants
No sleepwear, leggings and tights are not to be worn alone
Must not be ripped or torn exposing undergarments or skin


Shorts and skirts must reach past fingertips in length even with leggings underneath; no miniskirts above the knee
Shorts cannot be longer than 2 inches past the knee
Shorts cannot overlap socks
Socks must not be higher than 4 inches above the ankle


Must be closed toe and closed heel
Shoes must be worn at all times; no slippers or slides
Soles or heels should not exceed 1 ½ inches


No initial or large belt buckles, chains of any kind, spikes, or anything deemed unsafe; gloves may not be worn except outside during inclement weather
No writing, drawing or stickers on the body
No piercings that could endanger one’s safety


Should be neatly styled; no extreme styles and colors; eyes must be visible
Bandanas are not permitted

Inappropriate Symbol:

Inappropriate symbols (e.g. Playboy Bunny, trucker silhouette, marijuana leaf) or anything promoting unsafe activities (e.g. drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, violence)
Any item that the local police department considers gang attire is not permitted