Ethan Nguyen, Contributor

Quarter 1 ends soon and grades are being released soon. On October 15th grades will be uploaded to ParentSquare. Beware of your grades! We have faith in you! These grades are super important to you and it is really important to do your best.

Students with bad grades could be excluded from sports and other school activities and events. Parents can look at your students’ HERO points to see how you are doing in class. These grades will reflect on your performance at school and if you do bad, next quarter is your time to improve. Improvement is super important and it can raise your grade by a long shot. Be sure to let your parents know about the quarter ending! Students who haven’t used to pink slips could trade in for prizes. I asked Mr. Lutfi, a math teacher about his thoughts about grading. He says that Geometry students are doing well and grades are looking good. However, Algebra is a bit struggling. In conclusion, he says try your best and if you don’t well in this quarter, do your best in the next. I also asked Mrs Joyce about her thoughts about grading. She says it’s tiring and time consuming. She also says that late work will be accepted for full credit but not in the next quarter. Remember students, some teachers will NOT accept late work for full credit. In the end, the 4th quarter is the most important quarter because it reflects how well your doing in the entire year. Good luck students!!!