Find Your Horoscope


Sarah G. Barron and Jazell Stark

 Aquarius-If you an Aquarius Friday 9/24/21 you may be dealing with other peoples problems. This may reveal a side of you that is kind and patient.

Cancer-If you’re a cancer you don’t seem to be taking the right signals from the environment. You’re at risk and making some unhappy choices. Be less impulsive and focus on what facts are telling you.

Leo-If your a Leo you seem to view things in a more mature perspective. Your feelings are going to make you feel more connected to some people.

Libra-If your a libra, 9/24/21 seems to bring a lot of movement around you. This will agitate you quite a bit and make you feel like you will need to be a part of it. You don’t want to make a sense in front of people you care about.

Pisces-If you are a Pisces, a lot of things are happening to in everyone lives and you may not know what to believe. Try not to keep yourself swept off your feet by anyone new.

Scorpio-If your a Scorpio, your sentimental life seems to interfere with your work life. You may be trying to hard. Let things go for a while and you will see that things will seem simpler.