Join the Beatty Pentathlon Today

Mia Vargas-Garcia

The pentathlon is an academic event in which students compete in a total of five school-related subjects. Here is a bit of information for those interested in joining the pentathlon.

The five subjects are:                             Theme:
• Mathematics                                       ・Water
• Social Science
• Fine Arts
• Literature
• Science

In order to join the pentathlon, you will have to let Mrs. Kim or Mr. McDonald know you’re interested in joining. You will be handed a flyer asking for your name, student ID number, your parent/guardian signature, your transportation home, etc. You will have to fill this out and turn it in. Once you do, you will be let in.

If you do happen to be interested in joining or are a part of the pentathlon already, here is a bit more information about the practices:

Practice for the pentathlon will be held in room F3, or Mrs. Kim’s room. The practices will be taking place right after school. The time will be from 3:21-4:30. The days will be every Monday and Tuesday. The first practice has already been attended. It was on Monday, September 27, 2021. However, it’s not too late to join!

Reminder: The tutorials made specifically for pentathlon practice will be mandatory! You will be excused from them only if you are requested by other teachers.