History Behind Pentathlon

Melanie Zaragoza

Have you ever wondered what pentathlons even are? Pentathlons are competitions. Containing 5 events. A pentathlon can either be an academic one or an Olympic one. An Olympic pentathlon is how it all started. 708 BC was the first ever pentathlon to happen; it took place in Ancient Greece where it was only five events consisting javelin throw, disc throw, long jump, wrestling, and a race. The main reason behind hosting was to know who could be the best soldier. An academic one actually was created from Dr.Robert Peterson. He created these for Orange County schools because he wanted students to have experience and expand their knowledge. So this was a good benefit for students who participated.

Here in our school we’re having a pentathlon! The theme of it is Water: A Most Essential Resource. Their are five topics in this Pentathlon consisting of science, social science, literature, fine arts, and mathematics. In at least each team it contains 9 people in it. This would help not just academic wise, but also building friendships and meeting new people. Mr.McDonald and Ms.Kim are the teachers in charge of the Pentathlon.

Mr.McDonald quotes, “This is our 8th year in doing a pentathlon. It’s been 7 years with Beatty Elementary. This year we’re doing with 6th, 7th, and 8th. Yesterday, we actually had our first group meeting. We’re trying to get to know people and see what we could do with this year’s students. Were still deciding on the teams and seeing students potentials.” A student, Olivia Woo says, “The pentathlon is so far really fun. I’m looking forward to making friendships and I think that the 5 topics we learn about will apply to different school subjects.” Although they are just starting with the pentathlon for this year, it seems like it’s going pretty great for the students and teachers.