Rock the 80’s with radical fashion!

80’s themed spirit day and 80’s style fashion tips!


Leona Ashley

On October 1st, 2021, there will be an 80’s themed spirit day. You can show your 80’s spirit around the school. The leadership students in Mrs. Joyce’s room, H3 planned together a spirit day. The students planned that every month they will host a spirit day. There is also an 80’s dance held on October 1st, so they decided to have October’s spirit day on the same day as the dance with the same theme. A student, Melanie Zaragoza says, “We agreed to have spirit days every month to include the whole school in fun activities and by letting students express themselves through these spirit days.”

What is a spirit day? Spirit days are days that students are encouraged to match clothing and accessories to a given theme.

You possibly don’t know the fundamentals or necessities of 80’s style fashion. Many trends today were heavily motivated by 80’s fashion. A few of them are high waisted jeans, baggier jeans such as tapered and mom jeans, fanny packs, oversized blazers, ripped tights, denim jackets, bomber jackets, faux pearl necklaces, leg warmers, torn-knee jeans, neon colors, and bucket hats. Realistically, this is not the end of the list. These pieces of clothing and accessories were popular amongst the teenagers and celebrities of the 80’s.

To style your clothes into an 80’s theme, choose one element that resonates with your personal style and build out your outfit around it. Try to create an outfit based on either a neon, black and white, or pastel theme.

The diversity of style icons that have made the ’80s a great time we still recall, mostly, with endearment. The glamour and “more is more” mentality is utterly unforgettable.