ASB Election Results Out Now

A suspenseful end to the ASB election picks Beatty’s leaders by a mere 25 votes making the difference.

Kenneth Lee, Leo Lee, Contributors

Picture from Gordon H. Beatty Middle School


On September 22nd, principal Erik Bagger announced the results of the Associated Student Body(ASB) elections. Daniel Ferguson took the role of treasurer, as Anthony Garcia was elected as secretary. After a close call between Maddison Pech and Linda Croskey, against Lesly Flores and Danya Alvarez, Madison Pech and Linda Croskey came out on top winning the election to become the president and vice-president of Beatty Middle School. How will these people lead our school to become great?

To start, treasurer Daniel Ferguson is responsible for managing the funds for ASB. He will track the prices for events that are held, and make sure that money isn’t being wasted. In this way, the treasurer helps there to be more and better events at Beatty Middle School. Next, Anthony Garcia, who is the secretary, will be in charge of records and notes for ASB Student Council meetings and activities. He makes sure the other members are doing their jobs and keeps track of the scheduling of other peopled involved in ASB. With the secretary doing his job, all the members of ASB should be able to work harder and better towards improving the school.
Lastly, president Madison Pech and vice-president Linda Croskey are the heads of the Student Body. They will lead the ASB and are the people most involved in improving the school. They are the leaders of the group. Their jobs are to think of ideas to improve the school and present them to the others. They are also responsible for making the decisions and deciding how things will work.
Another job that not only the president and vice-president have, but also everyone in ASB has is listening to the ideas of students on how to make Beatty Middle School better for all. Students can go to ASB members and tell them about their thoughts on how to make Beatty a better place. They will then bring it up with the other members and discuss these ideas. If these ideas are good, then they will try their best to make it happen.
As the year progresses, these people will work and improve Beatty Middle School.