How To Support The Beatty Bronco Volleyball Team

Here are three easy ways to support our own Beatty bronco school volleyball team. Along with what the students have to say about the new volleyball team.


Julia Estrella

Beatty‘s volleyball team is having a game soon.

Here are some tips on ways to show your support to the team, as well as what the students are expecting from the new team.

   Here’s tip number one : wear your bronco sweatshirt, or t-shirt on the day of the game, or throughout the week. This will help the team know that they are being supported by their fellow peers. As well as supporting your school Beatty middle school.

   Another way to show you’ll support the team is to attend their games, and games later on into the future. By doing this you are showing your support for the volleyball team as well as watching a fun filled game to root for Beatty middle school.

   Finally, the last tip is to wish the team off. If you know someone on the team or see them before they go, wish them good luck. This will help them know that you are supporting them, and are in hopes they win the game.

   Now, here is what some of the students think of the volleyball team. Will they win?What are the effects that will happen after the game?What do you think of the players? And do you think they have any hidden talent on the team?

   One of their fellow students said “ I have faith in the team, if the team wins they will have more confidence than they had before to win more games, if there is a loss it will be a learning experience for the team. If they work together they will be an amazing team, I wish them the best of luck!”

   Another thing one of the students said was “ I think that they have good confidence to win, if they win they will have good energy, if they lose they will be greatly disappointed. I think that they are good in general, and I think they have many hidden talents.”

    The last student that I asked these questions said “ Yes, I think they will win, if they have the determination and will they can win. I think that this game will be a learning experience if they win or lose, to work harder than before.  I haven’t seen the players play yet but I have high hopes for them! I think that they have some talent up their sleeve and are ready to reveal it the day of the game. I wish them good luck!”