Behind the Volleyball Broncos


Kaelyn Miyoshi and Nathan Basilio

It’s time to see our volley ball team shine. Let’s take an inside look on our pride, the volleyball team.

Beatty Middle school is a new school. A new school means new beginnings. This is Beatty’s first Volleyball team! We don’t have a previous volleyball history, so this team is making an imprint on this school.

Each part of volleyball has to do with practicing and getting better at each skill. In volleyball, players are learning new techniques like passing, setting, spiking and blocking. It’s a challenge, but their determination and practice will help them achieve their goals.

Our team practices three times a week and gets in shape by running around the basketball courts, stretching, and completing agility exercises.

What our volleyball players find challenging so far is having the start of a new season and new opponents. Being a young team, some players find themselves making mistakes, but will grow as they come together as a team. As one player states, “Nothing will put a stop to practicing, because practice makes perfect.”

We all look forward to seeing them improve as a team to overcome whatever challenges they might face. Our Volleyball team is one of the best!

Some volleyball players have expressed they feel anxious, nervous, but determined before each game. Most times their fellow teammates will boost their mood, or even trying making each day a better day. They will always be ready to do their best in each game. Playing together on the team makes them happy, putting forth their best effort in each friendly game and practice. What they find key is to have good communication and sportsmanship.

The next game will be located at Buena Park Middle school on Tuesday October 26th 2021. You can support out team by wearing Beatty Bronco Spirit wear. Let’s go Beatty Broncos!