Crossing the Finish Line

Mrs Sedia completes the Boston Marathon.


Mrs Sedia and all her Medals. (Erik Bagger via YouTube)

Evelyn Le, Contributor

Last week, the Boston Marathon was held on October 11. One of the participants was one of our teachers, Ms Sedia. The marathon was about 26 miles, and there were many obstacles along the way, like running over hills and competing in long runs.

In a quick interview, Ms Sedia quoted, “Right before the race, I was anxious and excited. I spent many weeks and months training, so I was excited to start and finish the race.”

Ms. Sedia tells that her time was 3 hours and 56 minutes, which is very impressive! There were different start times for the elite and wheelchair participants, and Ms Sedia, who was in the runner’s bracket, started at around 10am and ended at 2pm.

When asked about joining any future races, she stated, “Absolutely! I love running. I will keep running even if I am not training for a race.” She also says that she expects to perform in Boston again in a few years after training more by participating in other courses. Have you known any other teachers who ran in marathons before?