Fresh New Start In The 2nd Quarter


Leah Forman

The new quarter is here and you may want some tips for assignments and how to do better than last quarter. Get a fresh new start with your work and how you treat teachers. You could also change the way you behave in class. Students will all have a chance to start fresh and new for the new quarter. It’s the month of October and you have a chance to do better. Make sure to pay attention in all of your classes and set new goals or finish ones you still need to do.

Here are some follow up tips on some ways to stay organized with all of your assignments and due dates. Many students have a hard time finding assignments in their backpacks or on you’re iPad. I suggest getting a simple folder for each of your necessary periods. To keep all of your homework in that specific folder. Then you could take it out when needed! I also suggest making a 2nd quarter folder in your notability app for each class. For me this has really helped me stay organized. Staying organized is very healthy for students to do. It helps reduce stress about where assignments are.

Canvas as you know is the app where all of your classes, assignments, tests, and inboxes are stored. You could check your “To-Do” list on the middle tab in your canvas app. Checking what assignments are due today and coming up is a great way to keep students on track.

If you have noticed that lately your behavior in class hasn’t been very great you can always change that. If you have trouble talking to your friends in class you can talk to your teacher to change your seat to a better spot for you to stay concentrated. You can also do everything the teacher asks to get Hero points. Hero points allow you to do extra curricular activities.

Hopefully this helps many students with their assignments, behavior, and keeping up to date on necessary things. This 2nd quarter should run very smoothly and peacefully. 3rd quarter is still yet to come. If you haven’t achieved your goals that you would want to this quarter, you can always do it the next.