Beatty Football Team is getting prepared for their next game by running drills.


The first loss of the Beatty football team against Parks Middle School was due to poor performance, but the team is bouncing back and getting ready for their next game.

Their next game is on the 26th which means they have lots of time to improve their skills and chemistry overall as a team. Beatty’s football team will be playing Buena Park Middle School football team at Buena Park Middle School.

Issac Figeroua, a player on the team, stated that the team is getting ready by running drills. These drills include things such as running routes. Running routes is getting yourself open to get the ball. Other drills may be happening such as playing scrimmages (mini football games) and running drills. These drills help the football players stamina and skill overall in football. I believe that the team’s work ethic will make them win the next game. If practice is put in, they will be able to beat Buena Park on the 26th.

The purpose of running routes is to get yourself open to catch the ball. You do this with all your players to attack the defense differently on the field. Doing this with your entire team one play will keep the defense off balance and guessing. Practicing these drills and perfecting them will help Beatty’s Football team in their next game. It will allow them to score touchdowns easier and guide them to their win.  Practice makes perfect and with time and a good work ethic they will beat Buena Park, I believe that 100%.