Beatty’s Debate Team Tournament

It’s officially the first debate tournament for the debate team! Information involving everything with debate!


Nick Youngson

Beatty’s Debate team is preparing for upcoming tournaments.

Melanie Zaragoza

Beatty’s debate team is doing their first tournament at the end of the month! Exactly happening on Saturday, October 30th. This is still being decided, but it could either be happening at a school or through Zoom. Although, it had been said that most likely it’s through Zoom. The debate teams work in a group that consist of 3 people. They all get scrambled randomly. Once they’re in the scramble tournament, they get paired up with other people from other schools! That is so nerve wracking, in my opinion. Imagine barely knowing the person and you have to work with them right as you get to the tournament.

The topics for this month’s tournament are, “Should children get the day after Halloween off from school?” and “Does Amazon do more good than harm?” I asked debate students what they thought of their opinion on everything that’s happening in debate.

One 7th grader says, “ Last year, I had to do debate digitally, now that were in-person I can get more feedback and I have the chance to work with students.” I asked the same student what they felt about having to do the scramble. They state, “I don’t really like that we have to scramble, but I do find it interesting to see other debating styles.”

Another student also has similar opinion to this student. As they say, “I think it’s a good opportunity that we’re doing a scramble, we get to try all speaker positions, helping us debate students see what we’re comfortable with and what we need to improve on.” This student thinks that it’s a good thing the tournament is a scramble. It just always depends on how you look at it.

There is another opinion about this, this debate student said, “I’m feeling nervous because this is my first tournament. I’m pretty okay with having to scramble, but I would prefer just scrambling with my team.” An 8th grader says, “ I feel unprepared. I don’t like the fact that we have to scramble with other students because I feel like they would have more experience.” As you see, debate student’s opinions range. Some being okay with the scramble while others not so much.

As their tournament is soon, the debate team already has other tournaments ahead of them. One happening in December, February, March, and lastly in May. They still have a long way to go until their last tournament. Do you think we should get the day off after Halloween? Do you think the website Amazon does harm more than good?