New and Different Addition to Beatty Middle School’s Physical Education!


The auditorium doubles as a gym in the absence of athletic facilities.

Naraly De Avila

Currently our school as many of you know doesn’t have a locker room or a place to really do exercise. This makes things difficult for not only students but the P.E teachers. Due to the fact of having no locker rooms to change, students are often seen wearing clothes that are not beneficial for them while doing P.E. For some people, wearing the right clothes makes it easier and better for P.E activities so that why the new P.E locker rooms will come in handy.

As many students and staff of Beatty Middle School have noticed, we also don’t have a designated or specific area or place for P.E. We do have our auditorium or cafeteria which is used by our P.E students. When Mr. Bagger was interviewed he stated that not only would there be a new locker room coming soon, but also a P.E room, which would really benefit us students as a whole school.

Currently when doing things such as quizzes and activities, we have to do it the auditorium or cafeteria and we have to try to be as quiet as we can due to the fact that we are surrounded by class rooms. Being quiet can be hard especially since some P.E classes have a lot of students.

The locker room construction progress will start sometime in November of 2021 as told by Mr. Bagger. The construction process will start by knocking down the buildings that are not used on the right side of the school near where the staff parking lot is located at.

This will probably be different since students will probably be confused and full of questions. It will be a change since it’s something new and it’s different. So if you ever seem construction being done just know that it’s for your brand new P.E locker room and P.E room!