Should Halloween Costumes Be Allowed in School or Not?

Allison Kim

Halloween is an enjoyable and exciting holiday when kids dress up in scary costumes, knock on every door for trick or treating, and get candies from adults. But many arguments are made about Halloween costumes in school. Some schools allow dress-ups on Halloween because of kids’ excitement. Some schools don’t allow it because of distractions and annoyance. Here at Beatty Middle School, Halloween costumes are banned.

 There are people in Beatty Middle School who still look for costumes to share Halloween full of happiness and joy. Mrs. Young, the teacher of the Journalism class, said that she understands that it can be hard to regulate students’ costumes because most costumes are against the dress code and offensive. But she feels sad because she saw other middle schools where all teachers and students dressed up and shared the day to be human and connected.

Dorothy Maddison, an 8th-grade student, shared an agreeable opinion to costumes in school that Halloween is a day we can express ourselves into something we can’t do normally. Halloween is one of the days when kids can put down their pressures and enjoy a moment of goodness.

But some other people are dissatisfied with this situation. Mrs. Miladinovich, the teacher of physical education, greatly opposed their opinions because Halloween costumes bring significant problems to school. They cause major distractions in learning, especially in P.E. class because they hinder performing activities in PE. Also, she said that not everybody celebrates Halloween.

Jade Pham, the 8th-grade student, also disagreed with them because the costumes can be distracting and disturbing in the educational environment and kids might play around with them rather than focusing on a teacher. They stated that Halloween costumes distract and disturb the education of students and make them concentrate on dress-ups instead of class lessons.

 Now, here is the answer from the office about the reason they banned Halloween costumes in school. Mrs. Rubio said, “The reason that Halloween costumes were banned in middle school was because of the dress code. Some students were taking advantage of the dress code and some costumes were very provocative or scary.” The cause of the costumes ban in school was students’ false and inappropriate costumes and behavior.

10 randomly picked students from the school all agreed with costumes in school unless they are too inappropriate. They said that it would be fun and entertaining and it is a way to express themselves. Also, they recommended the school restrict and classify the dress-ups before Halloween if they are allowed to wear them. Many reasonable arguments were made over the school.

What do you think about this topic? Should Halloween costumes be allowed in school or not?