The Achievements and Goals of the Volleyball Team.

Samuel Otuc, Contributor

Even though the volleyball team didn’t win their first game, the future is still ahead of them. During all the practices that the team has had, the volleyball team have many accomplishments and have set goals for themselves. They are determined to achieve the goals and set goals for themselves. I got a chance to interview 5 volleyball team members and see what their achievements are and what goals they have.

Some volleyball members have the same achievements, how they achieved them, what goals they have, and why they put these goals for themselves.
Jeremy Zavala said “I achieved being able to spike the ball in volleyball.” (2)”I accomplished this by practicing at my house and at practice to get used to spiking.” (3)”My goal for the volleyball team is to win some volleyball games.” (4)”This shows that my practice is paying off.”
Derek Blancas said “I achieved getting good at volleyball.” (2)”I achieved this by practicing my hardest.” (3)”My goal is to learn how to spike.” (4)”I can jump high but can’t spike.”
Gavin Magat said “I achieved receiving, serving, and spiking.” (2)”I achieved this by not being lazy.” (3)”My goal is to be able to jump serve.” (4)”My mom and brother both play so I want to keep the legacy going.”
Alex Blancas said “I achieved to how to do diving plays.” (2)”I achieved this by practicing everyday at school to achieve my goals.” (3)”My goal is to win a volleyball game.” (4)”I put this goal so i could get better and fo maybe play in High School.”
Angle Cisneros said “I achieved being able to jump serve.” (2)”I achieved this by practicing everyday.” (3)”A goal I have is to be able to back set.” (4)”I set this goal because I want to become a better server.”
These are the achievements, (2) how they achieved it, (3) what goals they have, and (4) why they put these goals for themselves. From what the coach shared, the team’s goal is to be able to win their first game. If you see any of these members, go ahead and congratulate them for what they have achieved and give them some inspiration so they can achieve their goals.