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Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

Books made possible by the printing press

Importance and History of the Printing Press

Kenneth Lee, Contributor May 24, 2022

Over the course of time, there have been numerous inventions that have changed humanity. One of the greatest of these inventions is the printing press. The printing press is a machine by which text and...

Back pain, a consequence of poor posture

Correct Your Posture

Kenneth Lee, Contributor April 29, 2022

May is Correct Your Posture Month. This is a month where attention is called to having and keeping good posture. Your posture is very important as it affects your long-term health. Whether you have good...

COVID-19 Vaccines

Covid-19 Vaccines are Safe and Beneficial for Society

Kenneth Lee, Contributor March 30, 2022

Covid-19 vaccines have been a controversial topic over the last year. It is a global debate on the issue of whether vaccines harm or help us. Along with many people around the world, I believe that Covid-19...

Leap Day

What are Leap Years and Why do We Have them?

Kenneth Lee, Contributor February 25, 2022

What are Leap Years Around every four years, we have a special leap year. Leap years have an additional day added on to them called a leap day. Compared to a usual 365 days in a common year, leap years...

The aftermath of a smaller earthquake

What to do Before, During, and After an Earthquake

Kenneth Lee, Contributor January 28, 2022

California is an area that is prone to earthquakes because it lies on the San Andreas Fault. There are several hundred earthquakes in California every year above 3.0 magnitude, and 15-20 greater than 4.0...

Picture of Holly by Lum3n on pexels

Born in December? Find out your Birth flowers, stones, signs, and what they mean.

Kenneth Lee, Contributor December 16, 2021

December Birth Flowers The month of December has 2 birth flowers which are the holly and the Paperwhite Narcissus. The holly is a flower that symbolizes domestic happiness. However it is also a symbol...

Partial Lunar Eclipse

The Beaver Moon of 2021

Kenneth Lee November 19, 2021

November has its own special full moon known as the Beaver Moon. The moon was named the Beaver Moon because it rises around the same time as when Native American hunters set traps for beavers to gather...

ASB Election Results Out Now

Kenneth Lee, Leo Lee, Contributors September 30, 2021

Picture from Gordon H. Beatty Middle School   On September 22nd, principal Erik Bagger announced the results of the Associated Student Body(ASB) elections. Daniel Ferguson took the role of treasurer,...

ASB Election Results Out Now

Kenneth Lee and Leo Lee September 28, 2021

Buena Park, September 24 2021 On September 22nd, principal Erik Bagger announced the results of the Associated Student Body(ASB) elections. Daniel Ferguson took the role of treasurer, as Anthony Garcia...

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