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Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

This is a sneak peek of what is behind the fence surrounding the area of the locker rooms.

What’s next for our Locker rooms?

Naraly De Avila December 16, 2021

Some students seem to be confused about what is happening on campus but as previously mentioned, locker rooms are being added to Beatty Middle School’s campus. This will in fact be a new addition to...

Locker Room location correction

Naraly De Avila December 1, 2021

It was previously misreported that the locker rooms were going to be built near the parking lot on the right side of campus. Just to make the correction from what was previously said, it's actually being...

Be Ashamed of Body Shaming

Be Ashamed of Body Shaming

Naraly De Avila November 18, 2021

Body shaming is a cruel thing that people do to make fun of someone because of their appearance. Most people when they think of body shaming they think of people who get made fun of for being plus sized....

The auditorium doubles as a gym in the absence of athletic facilities.

New and Different Addition to Beatty Middle School’s Physical Education!

Naraly De Avila October 24, 2021

Currently our school as many of you know doesn’t have a locker room or a place to really do exercise. This makes things difficult for not only students but the P.E teachers. Due to the fact of having...

Bronco Suggestions

Bronco Suggestions

Naraly De Avila and Isabella Alcala September 30, 2021

Some of the journalist in Journalism have came up with the idea of doing a suggestion area in the newspaper. We would make Google Forms to see what you think about our school and things in general. It...

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