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Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

Buy your yearbook now!

Mrs. Young, Adviser December 16, 2021

The deadline to buy for a yearbook for only $30 is January 31. Don't miss out on memories of your first year back after distance learning! Here's the link to order a yearbook: The...

Beatty Bash Section Winners

Chess Club Success!

Abigail Jung , Contributor December 16, 2021

Beatty’s own chess club has been meeting almost every Wednesdays for a week. 60 students have participated in a competition and the section winners were: Jayden Dang, Lawrence Cha, Theodore Williams,...

Beatty School Spelling Bee

Abigail Jung, Contributor December 16, 2021

After break your English teachers will be giving you a spelling quiz. This quiz is for the upcoming school spelling bee. If you are qualified your teachers will have asked if you want to be in the spelling...

Beatty Middle School experienced a precautionary lockdown.

Emergency Safety Lockdown

Kaelyn Miyoshi, Contributor December 16, 2021

Just a few weeks ago we experienced an event that affected our Beatty Middle school community. The Friday right before Thanksgiving Break on Nov 19th, around lunch break, a car chase was on Beach Boulevard....

BPHS Field Trip Walk Through

Leah Forman, Contributor December 16, 2021

Before The Trip: Hello Beatty Broncos, as most of you 8th graders know, on the 1st of December we will be going to BPHS for a field trip! It is coming up to the final semester and 8th graders will be...

Locker Room location correction

Naraly De Avila December 1, 2021

It was previously misreported that the locker rooms were going to be built near the parking lot on the right side of campus. Just to make the correction from what was previously said, it's actually being...

RECAP of the Fall Festival

RECAP of the Fall Festival

November 19, 2021

Did you attend the Fall Festival? If not, this is a look back on Beatty Middle School’s annual Fall Festival on Friday November 5th. The Fall Festival was hosted by Beatty’s Leadership and ASB. This...

Represents how the world was in the pandemic.

How Covid-19 Pandemic has Affected Students

Samuel Otuc , Contributor November 19, 2021

Last year was a tough year during online classes. The cause of a tough year is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the pandemic still exists and many students here at Beatty Middle School, and around...

School wide book reading

Abigail Jung , Contributor November 18, 2021

Beatty Middle School will be reading “A Long Walk To Water” by Linda Sue Park together.  Mrs. Clark, our wonderful assistant principal, was the one to  bring this idea up. She has said that we are...

Red Ribbon Week Is Coming To Our School!

Red Ribbon Week Is Coming To Our School!

Ethan Nguyen and Abigail Jung October 24, 2021

Red Ribbon Week is coming to Beatty Middle School next week! It will be held from October 25 to October 31. Some people might be saying. What is Ribbon Week? Why should we care about Red Ribbon Week? Well...

Halloween Grams

Abigail Jung , Contributor October 24, 2021

  Halloween grams are coming around the corner. These are Halloween themed pencils which you can buy for 1 dollar each and send one to each of your friends. These can be bought during the last...

Come Join the Harry Potter Squad for Movie Time!

Come Join the Harry Potter Squad for Movie Time!

Mia Vargas-Garcia, Contributor October 24, 2021

The Harry Potter Squad has recently started a Harry Potter movie marathon! Make sure to come by and join the club to watch some movies! You can come and join the club every Tuesday during lunch (1:19-1:59)...

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