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Olivia Woo, Contributor December 16, 2021

”Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on gender. It can happen to anyone, but it primarily affects women and girls.”  This is the dictionary definition of sexism. In a world where everything...

Menorah from

What Is Hanukkah?

Sarah G. Barron, Contributor December 16, 2021

‘What is Hanukkah?’ You may ask. You may know that it is a Jewish holiday, but what else? Hanukkah is an amazing holiday and celebration if you look into the facts. Let me tell you the history of Hanukkah. Around...

History of Christmas

History of Christmas

Mia Allman, Contributor December 16, 2021

  Christmas morning, jump out of bed bright and early, wake up your parents to open all the presents under the tree. This is one of the most exciting days of the year. Christmas is celebrated on...

New Year’s Around the World

New Year’s Around the World

Johann Medina, Contributor December 16, 2021

It’s that time of year again, the end of the old year! New Year’s is kind of a big thing for people all over the world. It’s the start of an entirely new year (even though the date is just an artificial...

Miss Dawn

Miss Dawn- In and Out of the Office

Siha Park, Contributor December 16, 2021

When you go to an office, hotel, or other buildings, there is most likely a front desk. We have Mrs. Dawn working at the front office of our school. She is very nice, cheerful, and passionate. Mrs....

Have a Happy Holiday!

Should Teachers Decorate Their Classroom?

Melanie Zaragoza and Leona Ashley December 16, 2021

“We design our world, while our world acts back on us and designs us.” - Anne-Marie Willis. What does this mean to you? Do you agree with it?Decorations in classrooms can be a great thing to have,...

What is the Winter Solstice

What is the Winter Solstice

Aurora Delgado, Contributer December 16, 2021

  What is the Winter Solstice The Winter Solstice is a holiday that happens every year. According to, since we are in the Northern Hemisphere, for us it occurs on December...

Thanksgiving Break is Coming Soon!

Thanksgiving Break is Coming Soon!

Ethan Nguyen, Contributor November 18, 2021

Thanksgiving Break is coming soon! This is a reminder to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends this holiday. Thanksgiving break runs from 11/22 to 11/26. However, what is Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving...

A yummy roasted Thanksgiving turkey for a Thanksgiving d

Why is Turkey Significant in Thanksgiving?

Abigail Jung and Siwon Woo November 18, 2021

Why is turkey so significant to Thanksgiving? How did it become so significant? In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as the first...

Mrs. Reddingius Life

Mrs. Reddingius’ Life

November 18, 2021

Our school has great staff members who work hard to make our school better. One of them is Mrs.Reddingius. She is a great counselor who’s always there for us. So how about we get to know her better....

Agendas can help you stay organized

The Block Schedule – Helpful or Unhelpful?

Siha Park November 18, 2021

This school year, one new concept to the students was the block schedule. Even though we had used the block schedule the year before, because we were on Zoom and had only one elective, none of the students...

Thanksgiving: Should we really be giving thanks?

Olivia Woo November 18, 2021

Thanksgiving. A holiday full of meals with loved ones, tales of pilgrims and Native Americans, and of course, giving thanks. To many, this holiday is one that is celebrated with little to no thought. Unfortunately,...

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