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Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

The internet is filled with many different things.

Has the Internet Worsened or Improved our Daily Lives?

Mia Vargas-Garcia, Contributor May 24, 2022

The internet has been around for over 35 years. It is clear that it has impacted many people’s lives in several ways. Is this impact good or bad? Has the internet worsened or improved our daily lives? Positive...

All About Juneteenth

All About Juneteenth

Ethan Nguyen, Contributor May 24, 2022

Slavery was a system used in the United States around in the 1600s to the late 1800s. People believe that slavery is cruel and many people wanted to abolish slavery. You may have heard people like Harriet...

Scrabble Tiles arranged  to say “ Love is Love”.

All About Pride Month

Sarah G. Barron, Contributor May 24, 2022

June is national LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Pride month celebrates LGBTQ+ rights, the history of pride month, and the LGBTQ+ community. Pride month is celebrated in many ways like parades, parties, and concerts....

Emotions of teens.

The Struggles of Being a Teen

Melanie Zaragoza and Naraly De Avila May 24, 2022

Introduction The stereotypical image of a teen is always seen as rebellious or troubled. The problem is, what about the overlooked side of these behaviors? There’s two sides to every story, how can...

No Tobacco with World No Tobacco Day

No Tobacco with World No Tobacco Day

Johann Medina, Contributor May 24, 2022

Health problems were always lurking throughout the world and time. Small and large diseases and conditions such as HIV, asthma, cancer, and recently COVID-19 have made their permanent mark on the world....

Welcome to Journalism! (Photo Illustrated by Evelyn Le.)

What is Journalism Like?

Evelyn Le, Contributor May 23, 2022
Have you ever wondered what Journalism was like, especially you aspiring journalists joining next year? Look no further!
Photo by George Pak from Pexels

8th graders!! Are you ready?

Genesis Quiette, Contributor April 29, 2022

Eighth graders the end of the year is near. It is now time to prepare for high school. When getting ready for high school it could be stressful and confusing. As many adults say, highschool is one of the...

What is Passover? ~ Photo Credit: iStockphoto

What is Passover?

Evelyn L., Contributor April 29, 2022
Learn about the history, traditions, and meanings of this special Jewish holiday.
The Effects Of E-cigarettes On Teens

The Effects Of E-cigarettes On Teens

Sarah G. Barron April 29, 2022

Today, teens are influenced by more in the world than in the last 20 years. They are influenced by social media, friends, school, etc. But some more than others, can have an extreme effect on teens. E-cigarettes,...

Folklorico Dance, a Mexican traditional dance.

¿Qué es Cinco de Mayo?

Naraly De Avila and Melanie Zaragoza April 29, 2022

Introduction  Cinco de Mayo or also known as the fifth of May is a celebration of Mexican heritage, typically celebrated in Mexico. Even though it’s not celebrated as much today, it’s still an...

What is Critical Race Theory and should it be taught in schools?

What is Critical Race Theory and should it be taught in schools?

Leona Ashley, Writer/Contributor April 28, 2022

“Critical Race Theory is a concept that aims to explain how discrimination and inequity are woven into laws, policies and systems. Thus, the doctrine states, racism is perpetuated in American culture....

Who is Mrs. Milandovich?

Who is Mrs. Milandovich?

Mia Allman , Contributor March 30, 2022

Early Life Mrs. Milandovich was born in St. Louis, MO. She attended EL Modena High School. Her childhood was fun for her, “I had a neighborhood with tons of kids. We were always together terrorizing...

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