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Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

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High School Incoming! Tips for all 8th Graders

Amir Ragnath, Contributor May 24, 2022

For all 8th graders, this year was a long and rough one. Transitioning into highschool is going to be a big step for many. There is a big difference from middle school to high school, and students should...

Preparing For the Next Grade

Preparing For the Next Grade

Julia Estrella, Contributor May 24, 2022

The end of the year is coming up, and summer is coming around the corner. But what about moving up to the next grade level in August and the benefits of moving on to the next grade level? Here’s what...

Recap of this unique school year!

Recap of this unique school year!

Kaelyn Miyoshi, Contributor May 24, 2022

Hey Beatty Broncos! Here, you will go through the school year like a time capsule. Everything in a small little space to remember the year, because this year was an interesting one. We will go over things...

Looking Back At Beatty

Leah Forman, Contributor May 24, 2022

We have all come a long way throughout this year. This year has been very different from the last. Many changes have been made, such as the mask mandate being removed, no glass dividers or wiping our desks...

All About Mental Health Awareness Month

All About Mental Health Awareness Month

Ethan Nguyen, Contributor April 29, 2022

There are 26% of Americans 18 and older who are suffering from a mental illness. Mental Health Awareness is a month celebrated in May for people to be more aware of people who are suffering from a mental...

Wildfires tear down the homes of people, leaving thousands of people homeless.

May is Wildfire Awareness Month

Leo Lee, Contributor April 29, 2022

Wildfires have always been a problem around the world. They bring great damage to our natural environment. Every year, there are an average of 62,693 wildfires and billions of money are spent on the damage...

Soldier saluting. Sunset sky, sun shining. Army, salute, patriotic concept. 3D illustration

Importance of Military Appreciation Month

Amir Ragnath, Contributor April 29, 2022

The month of May is National  Military  appreciation month. In May, everyone around the world celebrates and appreciates the sacrifices of all United States armed forces. All these forces include the...

Asian American and Pacific Heritage Month

Asian American and Pacific Heritage Month

Siha Park, Contributor April 29, 2022

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebrates Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Asian includes the whole of the Asian continent and Pacific includes the Pacific islands...

Back pain, a consequence of poor posture

Correct Your Posture

Kenneth Lee, Contributor April 29, 2022

May is Correct Your Posture Month. This is a month where attention is called to having and keeping good posture. Your posture is very important as it affects your long-term health. Whether you have good...

I used this image as it shows a soccer team in a huddle. This shows a symbol of teamwork

Beatty’s Soccer Team

Amir Ragnath, Contributor January 28, 2022

Beatty’s soccer team had tryouts on December 7th and 8th before break. Because of break, the team has only had 4 practices. Within those 4 practices, they have practiced things such as teamwork, passing...

Image by Michael Wedermann from Pixabay

Beijing Olympics 2022

Allison Kim, Contributor January 28, 2022

The Olympics is an international sports event that the entire world gets to enjoy. People share the joys of sports and entertain themselves by watching athletes from different countries compete in a variety...

Basketball will soon be in season at Beatty.

Basketball teams coming soon

Nathan Basilio, Contributor December 16, 2021

Hello Beatty Broncos. We are now soon able to do basketball next quarter, at Beatty middle school. Our school wants students to be participating sports and clubs to make our school feel more like a community....

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