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Bronco Bulletin

Bronco Bulletin

Information about 80’s music

Aurora Delgado, Contributor September 30, 2021

The 80’s School dance is on October 1st. 80’s music will be played. Here’s some information about 80’s music. In 80’s music there’s multiple sub genres for example, some 80’s music are hard...

Advisors Note - Welcome to the Bronco Bulletin

Advisors Note – Welcome to the Bronco Bulletin

Mrs. Young, Advisor September 29, 2021

Beatty Middle School has rolled out a Journalism class to cover the news events of the campus and its community. Students write on a variety of topics that they find newsworthy, entertaining, and uplifting....

Join sports, you won’t regret it!

Nathan Basilio, Owner September 29, 2021

Kids everyday are more often than not have not been active in physical education in a while since we just got back into school. Quarter 1 ends soon so you have a chance to get healthy. Here are some...

ASB Election Results Out Now

Kenneth Lee and Leo Lee September 28, 2021

Buena Park, September 24 2021 On September 22nd, principal Erik Bagger announced the results of the Associated Student Body(ASB) elections. Daniel Ferguson took the role of treasurer, as Anthony Garcia...


September 28, 2021

SEPT,24,2021 Buena Park Thai Ing-wen once said democracy is not just an election, it is our daily life. ASB Canbinet election just ended for our school. This election very important for school because...

Sample Student Biography

July 28, 2021

To include a staff biography, click on New under Staff Profiles and fill out the required fields in the Profile Information Section.

Test Sports Score

July 28, 2021

Add user accounts for editors, staff members

Add user accounts for editors, staff members

Sample Staff Member July 28, 2021

The WordPress publishing system allows for multiple user accounts and administrative privileges. Your setup already includes a user account for the adviser. You can add as many users as you want to your...

Choose the right image size for online

Choose the right image size for online

Sample Staff Member, Writer July 28, 2021

Size your horizontal photos to 900px wide by 600px tall at a resolution of 72 dpi in RGB color mode before uploading them to your site. Always save photos in .jpg format. Your site will display vertical...

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